Mar 20, 2010

Crash n Burn . . .

Well so much for having a scrappy afternoon. I got to around 5pm and then it hit me . . . total Crash n Burn!! I had to sleep it was impossible to go any further. So went for a nap at 5.30pm woke up at 8pm and am now still wide awake . . . .  what is this all about ??? Who invented JET LAG anyway ?? Im a 10pm girl with a good book and cocoa I cant function like this.

So I didn't actually get to do any scrapping but I did unpack all my new goodies and put them into their new homes . . .  nicely organised as usual! The Prima flowers I bought are just adorable . . .  knowing me I wont even use them on a project I will just keep them and look at them every now and then . . lol

The March Challenge for Adornit  is 'What We Say Everyday' and the elements are :

This one has got me thinking about what I do say everyday - How was school, Have you brushed your teeth, Is your room tidy the list goes on! When you think about it - its amazing really how much of our day is repetition - no wonder the kids know exactly what I am going to say before I even say it. Note to self: Ask new questions and look at things from a different view point.

As for this challenge my layout is going to be about the one little saying that has become a tradition each morning I drop the kids off to school. 'Love ya, Miss ya wish I coulda Kissed ya' -  I cant remember where it came from but I said it one morning as Tony & Amy got out of the car. They didn't want me to kiss them goodbye in front of the school incase someone saw because they are getting too old for that kind of stuff! So instead I said 'Love ya, Miss ya wish I coulda Kissed ya' and it has been the same every time since, so instead of a goodbye kiss we have our own catchphrase which sums up how we feel as we say goodbye.

Now all I have to do is choose a great photo and get started! After some sleep of course . . lol

Mar 19, 2010

Ready to Scrap . . . .

Well last night went ok I managed to sleep all the way through until 5am! Quite an achievement. The jet lag seems to be fading. Mind you I might change my mind about that around 6pm tonight when I feel like I'm ready for bed - but right now I feel ready to scrap. . . . . the laundry is on, housework done, kids off to school (except Joe who has a day off for study) and the sun is shining.

I loaded my photo's from Vegas onto my computer and there are some great ones for scrapping with - another project to add to my 'To Do List'. As for the current task at hand I am unsure which pics I am going to use for my February pages in my 2010 Mini Album. February was not a great month - horrid weather, dark nights, had a bad cold and sinus trouble not the ideal things to be scrapping about. Maybe I will take advise from some of the ladies who are doing the same challenge and not use any photo's this month - just a whole heap of journalling about things I did/ or didn't do as the case maybe. . .  lol

Hopefully winter is now well and truly behind us and spring can get underway - where are the daffodils ??? we are already in the middle of march and I have seen one yet.

My new craft goodies from my trip to vegas are calling very loudly now so its a scrappy afternoon for me today . . . .  until I start to feel sleepy that is :)

Mar 18, 2010

Home is where the heart is x

It is so good to be home! After a fabulous 10 days in Las Vegas with my husband it is great to be back in my own bed (complete with kitty kat's) and a hot cup of tea in the mornings.

After a disturbed nights sleep complete with a cup of tea and chat at 4am with Eugene I have managed to accomplish absolutely nothing today and it looks like dinner is coming straight out of the freezer where my 'back-up' lives (ie. pizza, frozen fish, meat pie or such like)

I cant wait to start playing with the suitcase full of new scrapbooking goodies I bought on my visit to Vegas. There was a scrapbook expo on at the Riveria Hotel which was fabulous, then I visited The Julie Jane Paper Co store, the Scrappin Time Megastore and Scrappy-Do Store which were all equally fabulous. So many wonderful things I could have easily filled 3, 4, 5, 6 . . . . . . suitcases!!!

Lets hope a few more nights in my own bed get me back on track for scrapping because the March Challenge at  'Adornit' has been set plus I have February to complete for the 2010 Mini Album challenge at UKScrappers . . . . .  and all the personal projects I'm working on too - busy busy busy!!!