Feb 28, 2011

A Monster of a Birthday Card

I wanted to share this quick birthday card I made at the end of the week using the Make A Monster set and Happy Everything set from Stampin’ Up.   I dithered a bit about whether I would use the monster stamp set but finally decided to order it, and Im glad I did. I only made this quick card but I stamped out so many different monsters just for the fun of it, it was great! 

The photo is not the best but I didnt have time to wait for better light as I had to get this into the post.

The monsters are coloured in with promarkers and each one represents one of my kids  . . . . lol!  Seriously, Joe is in the middle and the twins either side!  The card was for their Godfather’s birthday so I thought it would be fun for him to have a card with his 3 God-monsters on.  Not bad looking kids if I say so myself!

Happy Monday!

Feb 23, 2011

WOYWW #90 . . .

Well the most obvious thing on my desk this morning is Joshua!  I do love it when he stretches out and sleeps like that, just a shame he has his bum in the paint pallete! Good job the water colour paints were all dried up from overnight. And if you look closely you can spy Lola La’Finkle in the pod at the back, I know she’s not ‘ON’  my desk but she’s in the picture so I thought she deserved a mention!

The art journal is a WIP. I am following the prompts by Maxine at Which Crafts for a year long challenge titled Life & Me (you can find the link over there in my sidebar). This is my first attempt at an art journal and so far Im enjoying it. Im a bit behind but thats OK, thats what I love about it, no pressure just do it as and when you can. The two pages you see here are title ‘Favourite Things and ‘I Am Proud Of . . ‘

My LO of Lola is still on the desk too from last week as my scrap booking mojo is taking a break but I did finish both of my tags for the 52Q!

I really enjoyed looking at everyones desks last week, I didnt get round to as many as I would have liked so I hope to visit many more this week :)

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Have A Great Wednesday!!

Feb 20, 2011

‘D’ is for . . .

Its Photography A-Z Challenge time again and this next 2 weeks we are working on the letter ‘D’. The weather has been mixed this week but we have had some bright spells so I could get a few photo’s outside.

‘D’ is for Dog
Our beautiful Mia Pinkerton climbing the rocks at Lagg


'D' - Dog

D’ is for Donkeys
We have loads of Donkeys around Donegal.
Actually I think I might get one to add to our menagerie . . . lol


‘D’ is for Dunes
These next two photo’s were taken at the Five Fingers Strand, Lagg, Co Donegal
The sand dunes there are huge!!   A  favourite place for the dogs to run


This one I converted into black & white – I thought it looked more striking


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Feb 17, 2011

52Q–Tags 6 & 7

I’ve been a busy-bee today!  Finally had some time and energy to sit and catch up on my tags for the 52Q Challenge.  Here are tags 6 & 7:

Q6. If you could go back and do it all again, would you change anything ?


Now initially I thought – Yes! Of course I would. Wouldn’t we all. But then on more reflection I realised that if I went back and changed some events in my life then I would be changing the path I had walked and therefore would not be where, or who, I am today. So I have come to the conclusion that my answer to Q6. would be No. I wouldn’t change anything. Life is life. Good things happen, bad things happen, but everything that happens to us makes us who we are and Im very happy being me.

I kept this tag very simple as in the end my answer was very simple.



Q7. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail ?

Well this question was great fun!  The first thing that jumped into my head was choose the winning numbers on the lottery this week!!   A personal dream of mine would be to open my own animal sanctuary. Somewhere for me to house and care for lots of unwanted animals so that is what I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail. I would chose the right numbers to win enough money to open my own animal sanctuary. Dream come true.

Here is my tag 7:


The random numbers stamped around the background represent the lottery numbers.  The cute cat stamped image reflects the ‘happy cat’ who would be living in my sanctuary. The decorative frame is a Stampin’ Up stamp from the Notably Ornate set.


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Feb 16, 2011

Crafting Buddies

During my WOYWW hopping yesterday I came across the great new blog - Crafting Buddies  Just Purr-fect for me!!  Check it out there are some really cute pics and Im sure there will be loads more to follow in the weeks to come when this blog really takes off.

WOYWW . . . . .

Not much at all to be honest!

I have loved blog hopping on a wednesday having a nosey around at other peoples desks but never took part in the WOYWW myself. Then last week the lovely Sandra decided to play along for the first time and encouraged some of us on UKS to join in too. My desk last week was awful and you couldn't actually see anything because of all the boxes and bags that I had dumped on it when I got back from the Twilight Addicts Retreat., so I decided to play along from this week.

This is my desk this morning. Still a bit boring - sorry!

The LO of Lola that I started at the Twilight Addicts Retreat is still unfinished and I am keeping it out on the desk so I do finish it otherwise it will probably sit in a box and get forgotten.  There are 2 tags for my 52Q Challenge. The week 6 tag is a WIP and the week 7 tag is butt-bare-naked for now. I also have my Stampin' Up catalogue out as I need to place my order for the Virtual Club which is run by the lovely Monica.  So quite a tidy desk this morning but I am hoping to change that this afternoon with some ink pads and glitter as I work on my tags and my 'Life & Me' journal.  Oh and the weekly challenge on UKS.

Stop by Julia's blog to see the list of all the WOYWW posts and also read about a fun anniversary event that she has planned!  

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Feb 13, 2011

52Q - Tags 4 & 5

Finally I am caught up on my 52Q Tags for week 4 & 5. I knew I would fall behind at some point but I didn't expect it to be so soon into the year!  Oh well, thats life I suppose.

The question for week 4 was: When you look into your eyes what do you see ?

Here is my tag:


The eyes on there are mine, complete with wrinkles and crow's feet!  My journalling is hidden on the back as with my other tags. The papers used on this were Basic Grey scraps from my over flowing scraps box - so a good way of using up little bits of paper.

The question for week 5 was : How do you feel today ?  (Today being 31st January 2011)

Here is my tag :

Today I feel happy!!  The photo in the centre of the flower was the reason I felt happy, my new Shih Tzu puppy Lincoln that my husband bought for me the day before.

I played around with rubber stamps and embossing powders for this one. I must confess Im not too happy with this, my heart wasnt really 'in it' and I was rushing to catch up, but I decided to go with it anyway. I'll take it as a lesson learnt - I really need to keep up week by week so that I dont put myself under pressure.

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Feb 12, 2011

FBG - Friendship

The weekly challenge on UKS this week involved using a photograph of a group of something which was perfect timing for me to scrap our group photo from the Twilight Addicts Retreat. 

The other elements of the challenge were to use this sketch

use pink and do some stitching on your LO.

This is what I came up with:
Cant get anymore pink than this!!

I used two of my Stampin' Up stamps on this LO - the dotty circle under the 
butterfly and the 'friendship' at the side of the photo.

The metal butterfly embellishment is an old one I've had for ages which I coloured black with my promarker pen and the pink rose's are backed with a black flower shaped base that I cut out using the Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge on my Cricut.

And for those of you wondering what the FBG stands for - Fat Bottom Girls!!  Its a joke that stems from a comment made by Karen's husband.

Im still working on my 52Q tags which I am behind on but am hoping to catch up with over the weekend as well as starting my first LO for Project 12. Busy, busy, busy!!

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Feb 8, 2011

Twilight Addicts Weekend Retreat

Im back from my weekend away with the Twilight Addicts and what a weekend it was! I have not laughed so much in ages. All the ladies were lovely and it was great to meet them all in person. We also had a V.I.P in our presence for the weekend, Vern the Tortoise, who goes everywhere with Jess. We each had our photo taken with him and you can see those pics on Jess' Blog

The lovely Karen baked us some gorgeous cupcakes especially for the weekend - Twilight Cupcakes!  You can see us filling our faces on her blog.  She also brought along the most delicious coffee and walnut cake I have ever tasted!!

The Gangs All Here!!
Heather, Karen, Gemma, Jess (with Vern the Tortoise!) 
Lisa (seated), Me (seated) Carin, Ali (seated) & Jill

I did manage to scrap a little in between the laughter and cake and finished these LO's:

Moving On Up

I love these photo's of Amy & Tony which I took on the first day they went to the High School, hence the title 'Moving On Up'.  I thought they would be a little nervous but no, they were so excited to be going and were really giggly all morning.  Don't you just love how Amy is leaning in towards Tony in the full length photo because Tony is smaller then her and a little bit conscious of the fact.


This photo was taken of me and Bruno on the beach back in December, its not particularly clear but I love it all the same. It was his first trip to the beach aged 4 months and such a memorable moment for me after what we had been through with him. It was a day that we didn't think would come. I gave this LO the title of 'Fighter' - short and sweet and to the point. He is my little fighter, hence the name Bruno (after the  boxer Frank Bruno)

I also managed to put all of my chocolate drop photo's into a mini album but have yet to do the journalling and I started a LO with a photo of my beautiful Miss Lola La'Finkle which needs to be finished so I'll share those when they are done.

Roll on the next retreat!!!

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Feb 2, 2011

Cousins By Birth, Friends By Choice

A quick post to share a LO with you that I did for this months Sketch & Scrap challenge, in between my sorting and packing for my weekend away to Peace Haven with some of the ladies from the Twilight Social Group on UKS.

This photo was taken last May of my son Joe and niece Correna. They are the best of friends and have always been so close.  I love this photo of them together.

I made this flower using my Cricut Expression! 

Thanks for stopping by,
I'll be back after my fab weekend away to share some of my crafty 
creations and pic or two of us ladies that scrap!


Feb 1, 2011

Photography Challenge 2011: 'C' is for . . . . .

COLD!!   When is the weather ever going to change ?  

On Sunday I spent the afternoon in Derry taking photo's for my A-Z Challenge. It was very grey and overcast and really cold!  So needless to say I didn't spend too long out and about. Im happy with the photo's I did get although it would have been nice to have gathered a few more 'C' photo's. Who knows I may get to find some during my weekend away with the Twilight Addicts this coming week!

'C' is for Court House
This is the Court House in Derry. 'C' could also be for Columns.

'C' is for Crown
This is a photo of the top of the Court House in Derry taken from the City Walls.

'C' is for Canons
These canons are on the City Walls in Derry

'C' is for Church
St Columba's Church, Longtower, Derry

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