Feb 28, 2011

A Monster of a Birthday Card

I wanted to share this quick birthday card I made at the end of the week using the Make A Monster set and Happy Everything set from Stampin’ Up.   I dithered a bit about whether I would use the monster stamp set but finally decided to order it, and Im glad I did. I only made this quick card but I stamped out so many different monsters just for the fun of it, it was great! 

The photo is not the best but I didnt have time to wait for better light as I had to get this into the post.

The monsters are coloured in with promarkers and each one represents one of my kids  . . . . lol!  Seriously, Joe is in the middle and the twins either side!  The card was for their Godfather’s birthday so I thought it would be fun for him to have a card with his 3 God-monsters on.  Not bad looking kids if I say so myself!

Happy Monday!


  1. LOOOOVE IT Dee !! How fun to have the twins and your eldest in there, too cute, hugs xxx

  2. Fantastic card Dee!!! love the God Monsters!!!. Hugs Clare xxx

  3. what a great card LOL .. eerrm, who do they take after then LOL

  4. loving that card Dee:-D



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