Feb 20, 2011

‘D’ is for . . .

Its Photography A-Z Challenge time again and this next 2 weeks we are working on the letter ‘D’. The weather has been mixed this week but we have had some bright spells so I could get a few photo’s outside.

‘D’ is for Dog
Our beautiful Mia Pinkerton climbing the rocks at Lagg


'D' - Dog

D’ is for Donkeys
We have loads of Donkeys around Donegal.
Actually I think I might get one to add to our menagerie . . . lol


‘D’ is for Dunes
These next two photo’s were taken at the Five Fingers Strand, Lagg, Co Donegal
The sand dunes there are huge!!   A  favourite place for the dogs to run


This one I converted into black & white – I thought it looked more striking


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  1. Great photos Dee, Mia is gorgeous. I nearly joked when you said you'd required more land about you having donkeys! xx

  2. Great photos Dee. I love the one of Mia - she's stunning! The B&W one of the dunes looks great too, well done!

  3. Gorgeous pictures - my granddad was from Donegal although I've never been - maybe one day - that beach looks sooo inviting x


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