May 13, 2010

Console Face

Lately I have spent so much time surfing various blogs and forums that I am getting no time to actually produce anything 'scrap' wise so I have made a mental note to self that I must restrict the amount of time I sit at the computer. Its so difficult though, because I find so many inspiring blogs and websites that its all too easy to jump from one to another, to another and so on and before you know it a couple of hours have gone! So I am going to try to be self disciplined about my online time in comparison to my 'productive' time.

On the subject of productivity . . . .  this is my latest LO which I have completed for a challenge on Its a monochrome challenge throughout May with the theme for week one being BLUE.  This was actually more challenging than I had imagined.

Well, if the self discipline works out I should have something more to share very soon! 
tfl x

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  1. Thanks Dee!Your work is marvelous too! I can't wait to see what you come up with for a chipboard album!
    Watch have found them to be VERY addictive! :O)
    This layout is so creative! I love the paper airplane...and the balls of paper are too cute, they accent the moment just right :O) ...Now, where have I seen a face like that before? :P


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