Aug 4, 2010

More Go-Go on the Go!

Since my July Go-Go Kit was still out on my desk after I finished my 'The Chase' LO I decided to use some more of it for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers. I have had the photo's printed out for a few weeks just waiting to be scrapped and this weeks challenge theme suited them perfectly.

The story behind the photo's : Each year in June the primary school have 'Mad Hair Day' to raise funds for a local charity. Amy's hair is very easy to do and we had lots of options to make it 'mad', but Tony's short hair proved more of a challenge. In the end we opted for a whole tube of hair gel and a tub of glitter. After applying the gel and taking ages to get the spikes just right I threw glitter all over his head. It doesnt show up too well in the photo's but it actually worked really well. He was very happy with the end result. Its a shame that this tradition has come to an end now that they are heading off to 'big' school in September :( xx


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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog..I think I commented on this LO on UKS but I think its a great fun LO :)


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