Dec 28, 2010

Just Outside My Window

One of my favourite places to sit is in our sunroom, although lately there has not been too much sun. Even so the view of the bird feeder is great and with the awful spell of weather we have had the activity at the feeders has been hyper. I snapped these photo's through the window so they are not the best focus but I was pleased with them all the same.

The bird feeders are not the only great view we have. Slieve Snaght, which means Snow Mountain in Irish, can be seen from the kitchen window. The name could not be more appropriate at the moment and while the mountain looks stunning any time of the year, I thought it looked spectacular covered in snow.


  1. I'm envious of your views Dee - all I get to see front and back is another row of houses. Though if I do dangle out of the back bedroom window I can just about get a glimpse of the sussex downs through a gap in the houses LOL!! I love the photo of the robin, I adore robins.

  2. Gorgeous photos Dee, I can't believe you took the bird ones through the window, they are so clear! You still have tons of snow! Ours has finally melted with the rain we have had. That mountain is beautiful! :)


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