Mar 10, 2011

Real Life, Hospital Appointments and a Bit of Photography

Well the title to the post just about sums up my last week or so :(  I wont bore everyone with the details of my life so lets just say that Im pleased the last week and a half is over and I'm looking forward to getting back to being crafty.

I signed up for the Got Paint class on Big Picture Scrapbooking which started 2 weeks ago and I haven't made a start on it yet other than reading through the handouts, so that is my priority this coming weekend. I'm also behind on my 52Q tags but to be honest I'm loosing interest in them, some of the questions are just not inspiring me so I have decided to keep a note of the questions and maybe I will go back to them at a later stage.  I have made a start on my January and February LO’s for Project 12 which I am pleased with so far but they are nowhere near finished so for now they are WIP’s, as are a couple of other LO's that I've started and not finished! I can see a trend developing here - note to self: Finish WIP's before starting anything else!!

One project that I am up to date with is my Photography A-Z!  We had some gorgeous sunshine last week (don't know where its gone now mind you!) so I enjoyed a day out with Eugene taking photo's. I only have 2 'E' photo's to share for now:

'E' is for Earls

This statue is in Rathmullen, Co Donegal and is called
The Flight of the Earls


'E' is for Ewe

Ewe looking at me kid ????
I couldn't let the ‘E’ photo’s go by without taking a pic of a Ewe especially has we are surrounded by them here in Inishowen!!


I was hoping to get a couple more ‘E’ photo’s by the weekend before we move on to ‘F’ but to be honest I don't see me managing it now. Oh well, 2 is better than none I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Great pics Dee and glad the hospital thing is over with too!


  2. I do hope that you are ok Dee with the hospital stuff. Love the pic's!!! hey im an Earl! as in Clare Earl. Don't think i'll be doing too much flying though!!!. Love you gorgeous EWE pic, what a magnificent ewe that is too, that coat is beautiful and looks so well cared for. Looking forward to more pics soon. Take care angel. Hugs Clare xxx

  3. Thought I hadn't seen you around much lately - hope is now all well.

    I would love to know the story behind the sculpture.

    Take care

    Karen x

  4. Hope everything is ok Dee, shout if you need anything. Loving the photos for sure.

    I must admit, I'm with you on the 52Q's - I'm not sure I'm really interested in the questions, but then I suppose the idea was to take me out of my comfort zone :)


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