Jan 24, 2012

Week 2–Blue

My participation in the 52 Walks is running just a little bit behind!  The weather here has been awfully wet and windy so not the best for going out walking with my camera!  I did manage to get a week 2 photo but its looking as weeks 3 & 4 are going to come as a 2 in 1 package . . lol

So here is Week 2 and the theme for the week was Blue -


These lorries were parked in a row at the back of the yard so I had to use my zoom lens to get the photo and do it quick too in case I was spotted lurking around the locked gates with my camera. 

This walk was on the Dumfries to Buncrana road and I didnt actually think I was going to find anything to interpret the theme to be honest so I was very happy to come across these lorries with their bright blue fronts.

So lets hope the weather plays nicely so I can get and do weeks 3 & 4. It would be nice to be caught up in time to start of the month of February.

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  1. ah, great find! love how you've taken the prompt on!
    ps just watcing your slideshow to the left of this text box and your lab(or labs? how many do you have?*) are gorgeous!
    * in fact, how many pets do you have?!!


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