Dec 28, 2012

Well Hello There!

Crikey its been ages since my last post . . . . for lots of reasons. Firstly it was because I was really busy with the kittens (as well as all our other furry family members), then I went away for a few days to meet up with girls for a scrappy weekend and then . . .  then December struck. December and Christmas are not my favourite time of year and coupled with long dark nights and miserable wet weather December always seems to be a month when my spirits are low. I get nothing much done and just seem to muddle through the necessary tasks. Thankfully the Christmas celebrations are all behind us now and I can focus on a new year. Im sure 2013 holds many ups and downs for us all. My thoughts are currently on an album to record our year month by month, day by day. I have done a similar album for the past couple of years and its something I want to continue. I just need to decide on a format for 2013 and start some preparation.

I usually start to think about some new years resolutions about this time too . . .  but this time round I have decided my resolution is to have no resolutions. 2013 is going to be a 'go with the flow' kind of year. If the mood takes me, I'll go with it, if not no worries.

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  1. good resolution :) love the idea of the album too but id never have the disapline to stick to it!


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