Oct 25, 2010

A New Look, A Blog Launch and Pup Update - Departures :(

Well, next time I decide to change the look of my Blog somebody stop me!!! Crikey, it's hell out there in cyber world with HTML codes and image uploads and when techy minded people say 'its as easy as A B C' I'm gonna run a mile the other way.  That said, I've learnt a little and am now happy-ish with the new look although there will be some tweaking in the next day or two Im sure.

I have also launched my new fur-baby blog - Pawprints On My Heart - if anyone fancies a nosey. A few people have asked if I will continue the Pup Updates and others like to know how all the kitty-kats are so this blog will be purr-fect (excuse the pun!) for keeping up to date on the fur-baby goings on, allowing my craft blog to get back to the business of being crafty.  On that note this will be the final Pup Update on here but for anyone wanting to following the progress of Mia, Bruno & Jackson regular updates and pics will be posted on the fur-babies blog.

The Final Pup Update - Departures

Saturday saw the departure of 4 chocolate drops. I am really happy with all the homes the pups have gone to but even so it didnt stop me being a complete mush when they left :(  The kennel certainly looks empty now although the rate at which our 3 are growing I'm sure they'll fill it soon enough.

We had the pups in the sunroom at the weekend ready to meet their new families and when the leavers had gone, it was playtime for the Morrison 3 and Mr Green. As Mr Green is here with us until early next week I'm grabbing extra cuddles with him while I can.

Jackson & Mr Green


Bruno in the act of mischief

Mr Green

Mia Pinkerton was there too but somehow managed to avoid having her photo taken so I'll have to make sure we get extra for next time.



  1. Oh my word Dee how sad it must have been for you. I have been following their progress and enjoying your fabby pictures so I might just have to check the other blog and see the left ones grow up.
    I also wanted to say I adore your new look clever girls doing it all by yourself. Big hugs xxx

  2. Loving the new look blog. I've not a new look planned too, just hope it's as good as yours! Sorry to see the chocolate drops go to their respective homes. At least you get to keep two of them!!


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