Oct 20, 2010

Pup Update - 7 weeks old

Wow the time is flying. The pups are now 7 weeks old and have had their micro-chips inserted - Ouch! and the first of their puppy vaccinations. They will shortly be going to their forever homes and I'm pleased to report that all 5 pups that are leaving us have now been chosen by lovely families and most of them have new names too.

Miss Rose and Miss Yellow are now known as Jessie and Lucy and will be the first to leave this coming weekend :(  They are going to live in the beautiful countryside of Co Mayo together so Im thrilled that they will have each other for company.

Mr Red is now known as Diesel and will be going to live not too far from us just outside Derry. Mr Lime is now known as Thomas and will be living with a young family in Letterkenny and Mr Green has yet to be named as the family couldn't agree on a name just yet and he will be living 5 minutes up the road from us so I will get to see him as he grows up. 

The weather here lately has been unseasonably warm and sunny which has been great for the pups. They have been outside lots over the past few days exploring and playing. So onto some cute pics:

Playtime on the patio

The hose pipe looks very interesting!

Gorgeous Mr Red

You cant beat an old slipper to chew on!

Mind you, Dads Jumper tastes great too!

Phew! Playtime is tiring

Covered in pure chocolate!

The adorable Mr Bruno

The stunning Mr Jackson

The darling Miss Mia Pinkerton

Here come the Girls!!  Jessie and Lucy

Cuddly Mr Green

Jackson becoming acquainted with the chickens in the yard 

We are family xx
Jackson along side Coco-Bean and Max as they follow Eugene around the yard.

The next pup update will be the final update on this blog as the pups leave us, but as a few people have asked me to continue with the updates and pics of the 3 pups we are keeping I have decided to do a separate blog for all things furry as just lately they have overtaken my craft blog almost completely. Im in the process of setting up another blog and will let you all know when its up and running - watch this space!



  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but blogger threw me out - so you may have 2 entries from me! LOL.

    Dee, they're just so so gorgeous - I can imagine you're be needing tissues when you say your goodbyes to them - but it's lovely that you've found good homes for them, and nice that a couple are close by, so you'll be able to see them grow up :)

  2. omg i cannot belive the time has flown so quickly and they will all be leaving you soon:( Am looking forward to linking to your new blog so i can follow there progress!!! x

  3. WOW - Can't beliewve they're 7 weeks old already & how much they've grown already!!!


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