Nov 28, 2011

Photo Finish!

Im currently taking a class with the very talented Elisha Snow on Big Picture Classes which is all about the post-processing of our photo’s. I use Photoshop Elements to tweak my photo’s but the program is so intense and capable of so much that its great to have someone show you the basics and the ‘how to'. Elisha has also introduced us to Adobe Lightroom and shooting in RAW format and I am already hooked!  On our walk yesterday with the dogs I snapped a few photo’s to play around with for my week 1 assignment.

The photo of Mia on the left is the original photo I took and the one on the right is the result of some basic editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to give the photo some warmth and correct / improve the lighting.

Week 1 - Mia

Here are some more shots from the walk which have not been edited:

Multi Frame 1


And finally another comparison set, this time featuring Amy & Miley:


Its only week one of the class so I’ll be posting more updates and assignments as I go along.

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  1. great photos. can really see the difference in the picture of amy and miley.

  2. gorgeous photo of amy, what a beautiful young lady she is :), great photos of the dogs too

  3. Dee the photo's are gorgeous esp love Lincoln, not that i'm biased Lol


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