Dec 4, 2011

Getting Ready for 2012!

While most people at the moment are preparing for Christmas Im preparing for 2012. Im not a great fan of Christmas and therefore I dont do any Christmas crafting, although I have been know to make the odd Christmas card for a select few!

This time last year I was scanning the internet for projects I could do / follow during 2011 and I found the likes of Project 12 and Photography A-Z both of which I started and then failed miserably at finishing. I was so disappointed in myself for not keeping up with these but life never ever goes the way we think it will and I just didn’t have the time or the heart to complete them.

This year I have decided that for 2012 I am not taking on any projects. I am going to do what I can when I can that way I put no pressure on myself to complete things. That said I do want to record my family’s year somehow and while blog-hopping recently I found this inspirational post from Emily Pitts.

The overall size of her album was too small for what I wanted so I adjusted things slightly to suit and so my finished album measures 6¼” x 6¼”. The paper range I used is Crate Paper Farmhouse which I got in my My Creative Scrapbook kit back in October. Its a fabulous collection and lends itself to so many uses.

I started with some kraft cardstock and a few brown cardstock scraps and made the accordion pages:

This is the front of the accordion insert which I decorated:

Next I made the wrap-around cover. Now for the confession!  I actually stuck the cover on upside down so that the larger flap was on the wrong side  but by the time I realised it was stuck firm and I was not about to try to rectify it! So the cover unfolds from the wrong side – but hey, variety is the spice of life!

Here is the finished front cover. See what I mean about opening the wrong way ?  I still think it looks fabulous though.

A cute little 2012 tag attached to the ribbon with a jump-ring:

Inside on the left hand flap is the quote ‘Don’t forget the little things, they’re the one’s that mean the most’

Another pic of the front of the accordion section:

Each month of the year is allocated a double page. On one page the pocket contains two tags which I will stick snapshots to. On the other page the pocket contains a 5”x5” card which is my ‘Graffiti Wall’ this is where I will record the goings on for that month, things I want to remember (or forget as the case me be!) and stick ephemera to.

I have kept the inside quite plain and simple. I want to be able to record each month quickly and easily without too much need for decoration and embellishment which I have done in previous year’s albums.

And finally the back cover:

So I am all set for 2012 – bring it on!!

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  1. This is lush Dee. Cant wait to see it all filled up. Im going for a photo challenge and project life type album to celebrate next year

  2. Dee its fabulous what agreat idea. think I'm going to try the photo challenge with Suzy

  3. That's great Dee - must admit in 2010 I decided to have a year of no projects and found myself floundering for the year so have done Document 2011 (though only up to August so far) and 6x4 love.

    I am doing Shimelle's pretty paper party next year - I bought it but didn't have the time to do it and have a friend who started it and gave up after the second prompt so today we have committed to doing one prompt a fortnight - that will keep us out of mischief for 50 weeks!!!

    Look forward to seeing your little album grow.

    Karen x

  4. Love the album. :)I know what you mean about projects, have SO many unfinished from this year!

  5. Dee what a fab idea and a lovely project subject.


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