Dec 9, 2011

Teddy & Toby–Our Story

Toby ~ October 2010 – September 2011       Teddy ~ October 2010 – October 2011

Most people already know through UKS or my furbaby blog (which I have now closed) that back in September & October I lost 2 of my precious kitties, Teddy & Toby. I was devastated. Many people don’t understand the bond between humans and animals, and they certainly don’t understand me and my love for my furbabys and thats fine, but to me personally it was a very big blow and I still shed many a tear when I think of them.

I had photo’s ready to scrap of both boys as I have a dedicated album just for our furry family but then when they passed away I didn’t have the heart to scrap them, until I saw a challenge on the My Creative Scrapbook forum to create a layout with a hidden pocket. I thought it would be perfect for my photo’s and I could create an ‘In Memory’ style page for the boys using my favourite pics.

This is Teddy & Toby – Our Story



I created the pocket with a gusset as I wanted it to hold quite a thick booklet style insert


This is the booklet insert:


And the reverse side of the booklet with the journaling about their story and the time they spent in our lives. I changed the journaling many times in between a tear or two.


Im really pleased with my finished page, and even more pleased that I  have now scrapped these photo’s and the layout has taken its place in my furbaby album.

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  1. Oh that is so beautiful. One of the reasons we don't have pets is because losing them hurts me too much. I have chickens and when they die I get so upset.... part of me feels daft but most of me feels that mourning is right. I love the booklet, that is so neat.

  2. Dee its so beautiful and a tribute to the boys XX

  3. Absolutely beautiful Dee.

    I certainly understand Dee - I have only ever had one furbaby in my life and I was devestated when he died aged 18 that I have never ever been able to replace him. He has been gone for 23 years now and I still miss him so much.

    I hope one day you might reopen your furbaby blog again as I always loved to see all your gorgous babies.

    Karen x

  4. What a beautiful layout, it must have been so hard to make. I lost my furbaby Sadie nearly two years ago and it still hurts today. Im glad you found the strength to scrap your boys as its a wonderful way to remember them. :)

  5. It's a stunning LO and a lovely way to document their time with you, your a brave lady XX


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