Dec 17, 2011

Photo Finish! Week 2

I am so far behind with this class!!  Nothing new I suppose . . .   the good thing about the classes at Big Picture though is you can jump in and out as time permits which is perfect for me.

The class for week 2 was amazing!  I’ve seen many photo’s with a ‘pop’ of colour on and B&W pic and never quite managed to achieve a clear result – until now. I suppose its like anything really, its easy when you know how.

So here are a couple of photo’s I played with for this class. First we had to convert to B&W then decide on the ‘pop’ of colour we wanted to keep:

Joe dressed up for his formal back in October


Love this one. I took this pic of a thistle while on holiday in Scotland back in June.


The course is now in its fourth and final week but I still have the week 3 assignment to do first!

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  1. stunning photos Dee and it all looks very clever. I've just got my DSLR an early christmas pressy

  2. I wish I could do that.... one day I'll read the 'struction book.


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