May 10, 2012

Im Back . . . . and catching up!

Well I’ve actually been back just over a week now but its been a hectic week of catching up on sleep, housework, paperwork and all the regular things that fill up my day to day life.

I had a wonderful time at the Scrapstars retreat in Leeds. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming and the classes were nothing short of amazing. Our teachers for the weekend were Kirsty Wiseman, Emma Trout, Jolanda Meurs and Lida de Witte. I loved all the classes but only actually finished one at the retreat as they were all so intense and of course there was the obligatory chatting throughout which slowed up my crafting somewhat!

I will blog all of my retreat classes together once I  have finished them (and who knows when that will be!)
So onto the catching up bit!  This blog is so in need of an update. I have scrapbook layouts to share, photographs to upload and a mini album class to blog about so there will be a fair few posts over the next couple of days.

As for my photography projects, I have decided to stop taking part in the 52 Walks / Snap 2012 projects. I have fallen so far behind (as is usual for me with these kinds of projects) that I just wont have the time to catch up. I am going to just enjoy my photography as and when I get time, in between my crafting so there will still be photographs appearing but just not in any particular format or theme, more of a footloose and fancy free approach, so you never know what will appear . . lol

To end this post Im going to share this photograph which I took on my way home  from the port after my scrappy time away. As I approached the Malin estuary the sun was just beginning to set and I thought what a perfect sight to welcome me home. Even though I was absolutely shattered I jumped out onto the side of the road and got this shot


Oh Its Good To Be Home x


  1. I'm now more than ever realising hat it's no point trying to play catch up, instead I just start afresh :). We set so many restrictions on us don't we. So glad you had a good time away, I'm jealous :)

  2. Dee that photo is amazing and I cant wait till we all meet up again XX

  3. What an awesome photo!!! Sometimes you need to take the photos that cross your path instead of photos according to The Plan!!


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