May 14, 2012

The Places I Love Mini Album

I am a very proud member of The Rik Rak Ravers, my team on UK Scrappers. We support each other, inspire each other and most of all make each other laugh. 

Within the team we have had swaps and challenges which are great fun and keep the team building an on-going process. So far we’ve had a ‘chinese whisper’ layout challenge, a recipe tag swap, an embellishment swap and a handmade flower swap so when it came up for discussion as to what we should do next I jumped in with the idea of a handmade Mini Album swap (everyone knows I love a mini! x) but unfortunately not all the teamies were as inspired by this as I was as some of them are not really ‘into’ the whole mini album thing and said they struggled to know where to start with making one.  A suggestion was then made that I should make a mini album for them all to copy and we would all keep our own albums . . . .  hence this class was born.

This is the first time I have ever done a class for other people to follow but I really enjoyed doing it. One of my teamies asked for a YouTube tutorial . . . lol   there was no way that was going to happen – I am not a performer and would get totally tongue tied.  I included lots of pictures though as I think visual instructions are easier to follow.

I used an old pizza box to make the cover for this album  (yes the kind we all have our lovely scrapbooking stash delivered in!) – I told you I love to recycle.

So here’s my finished album – the link to the pdf file for the instructions is at the bottom of this post if you fancy having a go.



Just a few of the inside pages featuring my favourite places














You can download the pdf file for the instructions on how I made this by clicking the link below. If you do make one please link back to this post, I would love to see it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow Dee that is gorgeous, and I love how bright and cheerful it is! :)

  2. Dee this is stunning and such a great idea to document your favourite places.

  3. I quite like mini albums. I have done a few circle journals too and I keep them in the guest room (doesn't that sound posh?) so that when people stay and want something to look at before turning off the light to go to sleep they can choose one of the mini albums. Everyone seems to like this idea.

    I love the way you have done the pages in this one and I will be starting to make one tonight! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Love your album Dee! Thanks for joining the Webster's Hop!

  5. Wow Dee what a clever girl you are!!! your album is awesome. So bright and colourful. Such a good idea to use a pizza box as the base for the album. Thanks for sharing the instructions too. Big hugs Clare, Bert & Simone xxx

  6. This is so amazing Dee! Fantastic!!!


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