May 31, 2012

I’ve Had A Make-Over

Well  not me personally!  To be more specific . . . my blog has had a make over. What do you think to the new look ?

I’ve had a few different templates downloaded for a while with the view of changing things a bit but kept putting it off because last time I did a blog make over it was chaos!  I am not in the least bit techy minded and all this HTML code business really fries my brain. Thankfully, the wonderful world wide web allows me access to the minds of those in the know who happily share and guide us so that we too can have pretty looking blogs. So after a bit of faffing on my part and a few copy and paste errors . . . lol   I finally have my new look.

~ Dee ~


  1. Its gorgeous Dee will probably need to pick your brains a bit more for mine XX

  2. very pretty :) Really need to do mine too lol


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