Jun 21, 2013

CSI # 75 : Today I was so . . .

. . . .   Proud!  Yes indeed I was. Today (well 5th June actually!) I was extremely proud to watch all 3 of our kids head out the door to the school bus on the first day of their exams. For Joe this was his final time at school before heading off to Uni in September and for the twins it was their first taste of State Exams as they sat their Junior Certificate Qualifications.

I used the the CSI CaseFile #75 which included using a door element on your page.  Ummm, not too sure about that but then I remembered the Prima doors that came in a My Creative Scrapbook kit a long time ago which I had put to one side as I was not too sure on how to incorporate it onto one of pages.  As the kids were standing at our front door I thought this could actually work. The door to their future . . lol  


I decided to use the door accent to hold my journaling (apologies for the fuzzy pic  . . .  my precious DSLR is broken so this was taken with a very shaky hand and my phone!)

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  1. I love the little door, such a sweet layout :)

  2. I could have sworn Id left a comment on here while I was away last week Dee but my phone must have been playing up.

    What a great pic of the kids and a great moment to document, love the use of the doors and the corrugated butterflies are soooo cute

    Suzy xxx


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