Jun 20, 2013

The Cross Bearer . . .

This is my layout for the weekly challenge on UKS this week.  These photo’s are really precious to me – here’s the story behind them:

We live not far from Malin Head, Co Donegal. Its a beautiful place to visit, it’s so peaceful up there and the views across the Atlantic are  stunning. On a good day you can spot dolphins and basking sharks too. We go up there a lot for walks along the cliff tops. A long the clifftop pathway there sits a cross. It’s been there forever (according to the older locals) and has had visitors from all over the world. It’s an old wooden cross that sits wedged in a pile of stone. In April 2012 we had storms like we had never seen before here, the wind and rain was fierce!  Lots of damage was done to builds and tress and we lost power a few times. Once these storms past the weather went back to the usual bright but breezy and occasionally wet  April days. It was one one of these days that we headed up to Malin Head for our walk and to take some family photo’s in readiness for a scrapping retreat I was going on. When we got up there we noticed that the cross was gone!  We were all sad to see it missing and set about having a look round to see if it was lying somewhere abouts. Tony spotted the cross way down the cliff edge sitting near the water!!  He was so pleased he spotted it, and he took it upon himself to climb down and retrieve it. I was so proud of him but worried at the same time, those cliffs are dangerous. His Dad went with him all the way down and guided him back up carrying the cross. He was so proud walking along with it propped up on his shoulder. He put it back in its resting place with a great big grin on his face. Mission accomplished!


After a fair break from scrapping I'm really enjoying getting back into it. I’ve changed up my style a bit, introduced some new techniques / styles that I have been inspired by via Pinterest and also tried to incorporate a wee bit of the art journaling style too in particular hand writing my journaling straight onto my pages, something I hardly ever did before.


  1. Beautiful layout and I love the story behind it

  2. What a sweet story Dee and a beautiful layout. I missed seeing your work. Hugs xx

  3. I love this layout Dee and such a lovely story behind it too xx

  4. Really lovely and glad the cross has been restored to it's original position


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