Jun 2, 2013

Still Learning!

I thought I would share the next few pages of the Journal Soup class by Kate Crane that I am taking part in on 21 Secrets. Ooh there is so much to learn!  I’m loving it.  Playing with glue, paper, paint and crayons is making me feel like I a child again back at school creating art ‘just because’.

I have already made a few decisions about the mediums I prefer, the style I like and the things I shall be avoiding. Drawing is definitely on the ‘avoiding’ list!  I loved creating the background on the angel image and then it all went wrong when I started to draw the angel. I stuck with it  though and decided to journal about how drawing is not for me. I’ll keep the piece in my soup box as a reminder that I should avoiding free-hand drawing. If you look close enough you will see that I tried to paint over the terrible eyes and nose I drew on the face but as the paint dried it became visible!  Oh well, just another reminder of how not to do it . .lol


The piece in the bottom right corner was fun to do too. It involved using lots of different techniques including making my own stamps (Im in love with Speedy Carve Foam) I didn’t use a quote or journal on this piece, instead just keeping it as a visual reminder of the techniques Kate used in the class.

My box is starting to look very colourful!  I’ll keep at it until the box is overflowing. Did I mention already that I’m loving this art journaling business ? 

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  1. Its all looking good Dee and sounds like you are loving it xx

  2. These look great Dee, I'm so glad you are enjoying it

  3. Dee these are looking fab and you sound so excited about them all. X


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