Jul 11, 2010

More About Masha

Masha has settled in really well now and has learnt some english words which is making life a little easier. Yes, No, Thank You, more please . . . just the basic stuff but it has made a big difference. Amy has also taught her to sing along to Beyonce which is really funny to listen to!

On Wednesday a gang of us headed off to Belfast Zoo for the day complete with huge picnic so it was a good job there were a few strong fella's to carry everything from the car . . . lol x Everyone had a great day. We were telling Masha the names of the animals in english and she was teaching us to say them in russian - quite entertaining to listen to us all trying to pronounce russian names. My favourite was Zebra because in russian it is . . . . . Zebra . . .lol x

These are just a couple of shots I took that day. . . . 

On Friday Masha went on a bus trip to a park organised by the charity which gave us the day to ourselves at home. Amy has been fantastic with Masha but Im sure she was pleased to have a little breathing space to herself for a few hours, as was I. Once we had dropped her off to the bus I headed back straight into my craft room for some much needed crafty time. I managed to catch up on my Mini Album project which I am doing along with a bunch of girls on UKScrappers and got all three months pages done so I am up-to-date finally.

April Pages

May Pages

June Pages

Well, Im hoping that this beautiful weather continues on into next week as we have more local trips planned with Masha and a BBQ at the end of next week before the children head back to Belarus.




  1. I think its gonna be hard to let Masha go home!!! She looks like she has fitted in so well with your family and I love the translation tale - Zebra - Brilliant!!! Enjoy the rest of your time with her and try not to cry too much when she goes home!!!


  2. love the cards love very good xx jan


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