Jul 8, 2010

Taking Masha to the Beach

Masha is 11 years old and from Belarus. She is staying with us for 3 weeks as part of the Chernobyl Childrens Charity scheme. Her first few days with us were quiet as she settled in and got to know us a little better. She doesnt speak a word of english so things have been interesting so say the least and Google Translate has been our saviour. Although the way she communicates with Amy is amazing, already they have this way of understanding each other which is a mixture of actions and sounds - but hey it works!!

Our first trip out was to town to but Masha some new clothes. For her 3 week stay she came with one pair of PJ's ,  a flannel and the clothes she stood up in! We were told of the poverty these families live in but I was expecting her to have a little more in the way of clothing. Anyway a stint in Primark soon had that one sorted and she was one very happy little girl.

In the evening we took a stroll down to the beach with the buckets and spades and of course my camera. And I am so glad I had my camera. As we got to the edge of the sand dunes her face was an absolute picture - she has never seen the ocean or the beach before, only in books. I was not quick enough to capture her first reaction but I got some great snap shots of the kids building sandcastles and jumping the waves!

More update on Masha's visit to come later. My crafty time is going to be a bit on the short side while she stays with us so I probably wont have much to share in the way of creativity this week.



  1. Oh Dee, what a wonderful and rewarding experience this will be for you and your family. Masha will find it hard to leave you I am sure and she will treasure those memories forever. What a special family you guys are, enjoy it language barrier and all. Hugs xxx

  2. This is fantastic! I'm touched that you are providing such an opportunity to Masha and I hope that she and Amy stay good friends after she leaves.

  3. well love she looks very happy and i agree with your friend monica she will find it hard to leve you all and i no you will fined it hard for her to go very proud of you love jan xx

  4. Dee, you are an angel in disguise!!! The time you share with Masha and your family will be one she will never forget!




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