Jan 16, 2012

52 Walks with my camera . . . . .

Having previously said that this year I was not going to sign up to any year long projects (as I never stick to them and then feel bad when I dont complete them!) I have decided I will try to play along with the 52 Walks prompts on the Scrapbook Challenges website I wont be scrapping my photo’s though, I am just going to keep them in a 6 x 4 flip album. For me the main focus of this is getting out and about with my camera and it will be nice to have the prompts to inspire me. How long will I keep this up ?  Who knows . . lol

The Week 1. prompt is ‘Out of Context’. Well I didn’t have far to walk to get this photo, just out of the driveway to be exact! 

After the hurricane force winds we had last week this sheet of black plastic got caught up on the telephone cables. When it blows in the wind it looks just like a Dementor from the Harry Potter films. 

The theme for Week 2. is ‘Blue’  . . . .  watch this space!


  1. It will be a fun thing to look back on, no matter if you keep it up or not :)

  2. Well done Dee, Im sure you can manage to keep it up :)

  3. hey Dee - great photo. my mum-in-law calls this kind of thing (plastic bags stuck in trees etc) 'witches knickers' :-)

  4. Hi Dee....have just popped over from SC. I'm thinking about joining in this one too
    Alison xx

  5. Hi Dee - I was wondering what this was - and you're right it does look like something out of Harry Potter. What a great find for the first theme.

  6. lol, can see what you mean x


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