Jan 27, 2012

Friday Photo - Beautiful Biscuit

My beautiful Whisker Biscuit is the subject of this weeks Friday Photo. I was taking photo’s of some of the cats whilst they were playing in the sunroom and snapped this one just by chance as Whiskers popped her head out from behind the blinds.


Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Wow Dee that is a stunning photo of Whisker Biscuit!!! that needs to be scrapped or framed hun. Hope all is well at Temple Moyle babes. Big hugs to you and all the furry one's xxxxxxx

  2. I'm in love, he is soooo purrrfect!!!

  3. What a great pic of whisker biscuit peeking through the.curtain

  4. Awww what a gorgeous photo! So adorable! :)


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