Jun 4, 2012

Its My Prerogative!

OK, its only been a week since my blog make-over but . . . . .  I’m changing it again!  Just because I can. Its my prerogative.

I  loved the template that I downloaded from Nymphont  but after using it for a week I realised it looked very pretty but actually wasn’t very good on the eyes when it came to reading the posts. I am suffering from a deterioration in eye sight (I really should have another eye test done) and was struggling to see the type clearly against the pastel background and not being an expert in HTML coding I decided to ditch the template altogether and start over. So here I am with another new look - clean, crisp and clear.

I need to design a blog header to match my new look but other than that I think Im happy with this style. Well, for now anyway!


  1. Yep, that's lovely and clear. Pretty is all very well but it can make your head ache with the effort of reading through it.

  2. I prefer this one too Dee much easier to read XX

  3. Yup I agree this is much clearer.

  4. Yup I agree this is much clearer.


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