Jul 4, 2012

Scrap-A-Sketch Time!

Its Scrap-A-Sketch time again already ?  Crikey June really did come and go in a flash. A very non-productive month crafty-wise but I seem to have been busy with loads of other stuff which is probably why the time has flown by.

Joe had a Science Summer School event to attend down at NUI Galway so while we were down there we took the opportunity to visit The Cliffs of Moher. The scenery down there is stunning but unfortunately the weather was awful!  The rain was unbelievable  . . .   the steps leading up to the cliffs became a gushing waterfall when we were caught under a cloud burst. Thankfully for us we had a suitcase full of dry clothes in the back of the car, not so for the many tourists who ended up running for the cover of their coaches only to be faced with sitting it out is sopping wet clothes! 

In a brief moment of calm I did manage to get a few photos of the cliffs – this being the best of the bunch

keep on truckin-1



So, onto the Scrap-A-Sketch Group for this month. It was my turn to choose the sketch and I settled on this one from Pagemaps.

Im usually ready and waiting to upload my LO on the 1st day of the month but this time round I am one of the last to get finished!  My mojo-itis has returned with a vengence . . . .   but fear not, I have a crafty weekend with some teamies from UKS coming up at the end of next week which should kick-start the mojo back into action!  Well I hope so.

This is my LO:


Keep On Truckin’


Tony aged 4yrs riding on a Big Foot Truck on the seafront in Great Yarmouth back in 2002. He looks so tiny in this picture compared to the now stocky teenager with the deep voice who is about to turn 14 at the end of the month.

So between this LO and my trip to Galway thats pretty much my entire month all wrapped up except for one other major event . . . . .  the addition of a new furbaby to my ever-growing menagerie but she will be introduced in a separate blog post!


  1. Fantastic layout Dee, I like how you have stapled the string on! Beautiful photo:)

  2. Stunning scenery and a lovely bright LO


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