Jul 7, 2012

Miss Sookie Schnookums

Here she is the latest addition to our furry family an 8 week old Shih Tzu baby  – Miss Sookie Schnookums . She has made herself very much at home loving to snuggle and play with the cats as well as the dogs! 



This morning Sookie and Miley Moonbeam had a game of pingpong kitty/puppy style . . .   it went on for ages but my battery died so I only got a clip . . . they are so cute playing together!

Something tells me this blog and my scrapbook layouts could be featuring quite a lot of Miss Sookie over the next few days and weeks!


  1. She's just adorable and so lovely playing with the cat

  2. Lol Lucy Liu enjoyed watching too, she's now looking for her ping pong ball! She's just sooooooo cute can't wait to see her in her first LO. X


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