Aug 25, 2010

Announcing the safe arrival of Coco-Beans chocolate drops . . . . all 9 of them!

Well after a stressful few days Coco-Bean starting in Stage 1 labour on Monday evening. She went off her food, definitely unheard of, so a sure sign she's not feeling great :(   Eugene and I took turns to stay with her out in the kennel and Eugene even slept out there with her too that night he's such a darling. Tuesday morning and things were pretty much the same with her sleeping a lot and not eating anything. I snuggled up in the kennel with a portable DVD player and a couple of books to keep an eye on her.

These photo's were taken at 2.30pm that afternoon - she loves her armchair as she can sit and watch out the window at all the comings and goings.

At around 5pm she started to progress in labour and began getting very anxious and nesting frantically. This got more aggressive as the evening wore on so I had an fair idea we would be seeing babies during the night. So I took myself off to bed at around 9.30pm leaving Eugene on duty with instructions to fetch me the minute anything happened. Well, I got an hour and a half sleep before he came and woke me and by the time we got back out to the kennel 5 minutes later she was bearing down with her first pup. Things went very well and thankfully there were no complications. All nine babies were delivered safely by 5am. Understandably by this point Coco-Bean was absolutely exhausted and fell into a deep sleep just minutes after pup 9 was born. Im sure her snores could be heard a mile away.

These photo's were taken after we had a chance to clear up a little without disturbing her too much. She was sound asleep and the babies were all feeding. A sight to melt your heart if ever I saw one.

And, up close and personal with the chocolate drops xx

Well, thats all for now but I will say in advance that there will be lots of Chocolate Drop updates in the weeks to come as I will be recording this event with as many photo's as possible . . . . . .  and I definitely feel a mini-book coming on :)

So from when very tired me,


  1. OMG they're beautiful!!!! Glad it all went well. :)

  2. OMG how beautiful are they, it's a good job you live far away dee as i'd be there right now a gibbering wreck in the corner drooling over them all LOL well done miss coco bean and to you and eugene :)

  3. Goodness - what a lot of pups! They all look gorgeous - so welcome to the world, all the little choccies. :)

  4. What absolute darlings!!!! And a clever set of parents too


  5. What a clever Coco bean! they are beautiful and i will be looking forward to regular updates :)

  6. Oh Dee what Super Mum Cocoa Bean is!! They look adorable and I love how you call them chocolate drops TOO CUTE, oh and of course I so want one. I will be stalking you for sure for more updates. Hugs xxx

  7. Awwww the chocolate drops are so cute!!! My DH wouldn't take much convincing to have a doggie so I will not be showing him your blog LOL!

  8. absolutely gorgeous. defo melts the heart.

  9. Oh yay! The chocolate drops have arrived! They are soooo adorable! Hope mum and you get some rest now. :D

  10. Well done Coco-Bean & Hello to all the Chocolate Drops! They are just sooooooooooo cute!!!!! No wonder Coco-Bean fell asleep quickly!!!

  11. aaah how sweet they all look, love choccy labbies, they are so beautiful, gonna be a handful though in a few weeks!!lol

  12. oh wow Dee they are fab!! how beautiful they all look, and well done to Mum too xxxx


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