Aug 16, 2010

Mojo Overflow

My mojo is definitely flowing at the moment so thankfully I've had plenty of time to scrap. July came and went in a flash with hardly any crafting time so I'm making up for it now. 

This LO was my effort at the House Challenge for UKScrappers - Summer in My Hometown.

I used some of my Cleo Crafts monthly kit for this one. The kit had really pretty blooms in it this month. It was my first kit from them and I was really pleased with it so I'm looking forward to more lovely kits from them in the future :)

This next LO was a challenge within my UKScrappers team - The Rik Rak Ravers. Using this old pagemaps sketch:

And taking colour inspiration from this image:

I came up with this :

Photo's are of my youngest son Tony climbing in the park at Pollan Bay, Co Donegal.

And finally, a LO with a photo of me!!! Shock horror ! There's not many of these around I can tell you. I love being behind the camera  . . .  not in front of it :) 

This photo was taken of me when I was 4 years old and I had just started school. I was going to scan it and keep the original but I decided to use it instead as I like the old feel of the photo, complete with pin-prick marks where its been displayed on cork boards and such like over the years. I was prompted to scrap a school photo by Heather (one of my team mates in the Rik Rac Ravers)  as we had been chatting about old school photo's and Im brave enough to share this one but the later ones are all freckles, pimples, buck teeth and braces so they can stay safely stored in my old shoe box thank you very much. I really like this LO and actually its probably my favourite of the three I finished recently. It could have something to do with the sweet little girl in the photo!



  1. Send some of your mojo over to me!!! LOL Seriously, love all the LOs and your mojo is DEFINITELY rocking!

  2. Lovely LO's the one of where you live is very beautiful :)

  3. Fab layouts Dee - glad you now have your mojo - think I have left mine somewhere!!

    K xx


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