Feb 1, 2011

Photography Challenge 2011: 'C' is for . . . . .

COLD!!   When is the weather ever going to change ?  

On Sunday I spent the afternoon in Derry taking photo's for my A-Z Challenge. It was very grey and overcast and really cold!  So needless to say I didn't spend too long out and about. Im happy with the photo's I did get although it would have been nice to have gathered a few more 'C' photo's. Who knows I may get to find some during my weekend away with the Twilight Addicts this coming week!

'C' is for Court House
This is the Court House in Derry. 'C' could also be for Columns.

'C' is for Crown
This is a photo of the top of the Court House in Derry taken from the City Walls.

'C' is for Canons
These canons are on the City Walls in Derry

'C' is for Church
St Columba's Church, Longtower, Derry

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  1. There'll be a right pair of crackers this weekend! lol


  2. And it will be c for cupcakes!!!!! And C for Coffee cake!!!!! And C for chocolate!!!!!! And C for cardmaking!!!! And C for Carlisle - oh yes lots of c's will abound at the weekend!!!!!

    Karen x

    PS love the Derry photos - we did a quick whizz through on a coach when we stopped near there on our round the uk cruise - it had to be a quick whizz as we were on our way to the Giants Causeway. I did get upset though when they took us to see all the murals about the troubles - felt very ghoulish turning such recent history into a tourist attraction.


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