Mar 19, 2012

Snap 2012 – all caught up!

3 weeks photo’s to blog all at once means I am all caught up with my Snap 2012 project.

First up is Week 9 – Home

This theme coincided with a trip back to London to see my sister so I thought it only fitting but to get some photo’s back where I come from. Im a stronger believer that home is where the heart is and my heart is firmly set here in Donegal but I suppose London is my hometown. Im a Bermondsey girl, hence the Welcome to Bermondsey sign! 


Week 10 – Green

Now living where I do the ‘green’ theme should be really easy!  Yes, I am surrounded by green fields but I decided to go with this pretty lone snowdrop instead, nestled in amongst the grass on the roadside just outside our house.


Week 11 – Relax

Not something I get to do much of lately!  So my chosen subject for this theme fell to the adorable Miss Lola La’Finkle who loves the sun – cant you tell ?


Suzie, our host for Snap 2012 also gave us a link to Pixl-r-omatic to play around with different borders, frames and effects. Now I love my Photoshop Elements but this was so much faster and easier to use!

So, there we go all up to date. I cant believe we are well into March now and I am still keeping up with this and my 52Walks projects.


  1. Dee your photographs are absolutely stunning XXX

  2. Dee your photographs are gorgeous, that Snowdrop one is just perfect but the kitty one made me smile, looks just like my old cat Al! :)


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