Mar 5, 2012

52 Walks – Week 9 New

Our theme this week is ‘New’ and I have interpreted that as New life using a Ewe and her adorable twin lambs as the focus of my attention.

Yesterday we had crazy weather here, Icy morning, sunshine and showers in the afternoon and snow in the evening! Despite all that we still managed to get out for most of the day to Kinnego Bay where the boys spent the afternoon kayaking while I took photo’s (I got some great ones of them kayaking which I’ll share in another post!)  At the top of the steep road which leads down to the bay there are some fields where I spotted a flock of Ewe’s with their new born lambs. I set my lens one particular Ewe as she seemed interested in me and didn’t take her eyes off me for a second, even though I was using a zoom lens and I was quite a distance back from the hedge she know I was watching her.

So I took a few photo’s but wasn’t happy with them as I wanted both the lambs to be looking my way I got lots like this:


So I am waiting patiently for the two lambs to look my way, clicking away so as not to miss the opportunity when this Magpie decided he wanted in on the action:



Just as the lambs were starting to cooperate with me they got distracted by him flying in. I love how they both look round at their Mum. I can just imagine the lambs saying ‘Hey Mum you have a bird on your back’ and the Mum replying ‘I know, but will you please smile at the lady with the camera so she’ll go away and leave us alone’ . . lol, me and my imagine!

Eventually though Mr magpie flew off and my patience paid off as I got the photo I wanted with both lambs and Mum posing perfectly for me:


A love seeing the lambs around the fields at this time of year as it’s another sure sign to me that Spring is definitely on the horizon.


  1. You have some great photos there Dee, I just love the one of the lambs looking at the magpie! You should think about entering your photos in competitions! They are great!

  2. Great photos. I think stuff like that too. lol

  3. Oh my gosh Dee these photos are just beautiful!!!. So glad your persistence paid off hun. Well done, you are an amazing photographer. Hugs Clare xxx

  4. I love this post Dee, it really made me smile. I always give my dog a 'voice' :) Great shots x

  5. oh Dee what a great series of photos!


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