Mar 31, 2012

Finally Finished!

Back at the beginning of March I had the pleasure of joining the lovely ladies at the Frozen North Crop in Holystone for the weekend. 3 of the LO’s I started but didn’t manage to finish finally got done last week. I hate having unfinished LO’s laying about, its so not me.

These first 2 LO’s were done using the photo’s I took of Amy during a recent photo session so that I could practice my new acquired skills in taking portraits. I love the results I got that day although I still have a long way to go.



And this one of Tony showing off his new Moustaches . . lol!  He has the most adorable eye lashes (its always the boys who have the best lashes isn’t it) and people are always complimenting him on them but he would rather everyone notice what he calls his moustaches. Yes if you look close enough you can just about see the start of a moustache. I had to take this photo to prove that he is indeed starting to grow facial hair . . lol  if he is anything like his brother though, he will soon get tired of having to shave when it really grows in!


The cute little moustache sticker was a gift from Heather and I placed it on the top of the tag which holds the journaling. Thank You Heather x

My crafty MOJO has been gone for so long now, I need a kick-start to get it back. Tomorrow is the reveal date of a new group I have joined called Scrap-A-Sketch and as of yet I havent stuck anything down on my page. Its a work in progress as I did gather a photo and papers but thats as far as it went. The weather today is not so great so maybe that in itself is incentive to stay in the craft room and play.


  1. Stunning photos and stunning LO's love the lashes and taches !!! Just a query but is the tache on upside down? x

    1. lol . . . OMG your right Shirley!! Thanks for pointing that out I will have to change it now :)


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