Mar 21, 2012

Chinese Whispers–The Reveal!!

For the past 7 months I have been playing a game of Chinese Whispers with some of the team mates from The Rik Rak Ravers on UKScrappers.

We each started off by doing a LO to send on to the next person in line for them to interpret. Its been fun to do and even more fun to see them all finished and how much the LO’s have changed as they rounds have gone on.

As the game is now over I can share my LO’s that I did during the game:

This was my original LO to start off the game:

Dee 1st

My version of a LO by Suzy


My version of a LO by Heather


My Version of a LO by Lesley


My Version of a LO by Julieann


My Version of a LO by Debbie


and finally . . .  My Version of a LO by Lisa


Im pleased with all my LO’s – they were quick and simple to do and the game has been great fun.  So I wonder what’s up next for us Ravers to play ??  Watch this space.

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