Mar 3, 2012

Catching Up with 52 Walks – Weeks 6 & 8

Lately I have been so consumed with online courses, reading forums and generally messing about with my camera that I have had not time to blog my 52 Walks photo’s although I have been taking them, so here I am catching up with 2 weeks photo’s.

In Week 6 the theme was Silhouette. Now I have seen some fabulous silhouette photo’s and I can taken some myself over the years not by skill but by pure chance . . lol.  I had some great idea’s for this theme but the weather was totally against me in the week the photo was to be taken and to be honest the weather has not been much better of late, so this is the best I can do at the moment. Silhouettes is definitely a skill I want to master as this doesn’t really come anywhere near close!

This was taken during  a beach walk with the dogs in Culdaff.  Do you like the funky frame ?  I cam across these in PSE the other day whilst I was following an online tutorial. I’ve had PSE for the best part of 3 years and only ever played about it . . I didn’t even know there were frames available within the software!!


The next photo was taken from the top of Bambers Crown in Malin Head and is my selected pic to represent the theme for week 8 which was ‘My Way’.  I had a few ideas about this theme, one of them being turning the camera ‘my way’ and doing a self-portrait . . .that idea didn’t work too well .  .lol! Instead I settled for this . .  the view around my way. Quite beautiful isn’t it ? We are very lucky to live in this part of the world.  I love sitting up at Bambers Crown on a summers day with a picnic and watching the ocean. We have Seals and Basking Sharks along this coastline and we also get the occasional Dolphin!

My Way . . . . .    Malin HeadWk-8---My-Way

So, there we go all caught up! Week 9’s theme is ‘New’ and I know the photo I want to get I just need it to stop raining for 5 minutes so I can go out walking.  Cheryl will be posting the week 10 theme tomorrow so I’ll probably end up doing ‘the double’ again.


  1. I think your silhouette is beautiful Dee, and it looks great with that frame (what's PSE?.
    Wow, what a view, you are right, you are very lucky to live there, it looks amazing. I love the sound of the ocean too! and never, ever get tired of watching the waves. We have a lot of rain as well this weekend. Have a good week.

  2. Wow what a view - I envy you the ocean - I miss home (Nova Scotia) and the ocean being no farther than 2 hours from anyone in the province.

    Your silhouette shot is great - I love this type of shot against the sea and sky. Cool photo frame.


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