Mar 31, 2012

52 Walks Weeks 12 & 13 . . . .

I’ve not blogged for a while, I’ve not done any crafting for awhile either. Life has a habit of throwing you a bombshell every now and then just to remind us of what's really important in this life so I have been spending lots of time with my family doing family stuff. The unseasonably great weather we have been having here has helped as we have been outdoors so much enjoying the beach and the beautiful woodland area’s we are surrounded  by.  I always have my camera with me what ever we are doing so the one thing I have been doing lots of lately is taking photographs.

I have my weeks 12 and 13 of the 52 Walks to blog today but as yet I still dont have a LOST photo for week 11 so Im a little out of sync, but hey thats life right?

So, Week 12 and 13 were done during the same walk. We headed out to the beautiful Ness Woods Country Park last week (there are photo’s on my Flickr page) and had the most relaxing day in the woods. The weather was perfect and the sky was crystal clear all day long.

Week 12 – Awakening

Week 12 -Awakening

Spring is the time of awakening, so many new shoots were emerging from the woodland floor and the trees and shrubs are all starting to awaken. I love these blooms, Im not sure what they are as I am terrible with horticultural stuff but I know they are so pretty. A few blooms had appeared from what looked like a load of dead wood. Im going to go back in a few weeks to see these area when its wide awake!

Week 13 – Nest

When I saw this weeks prompt from Cheryl I immediately thought – great! This is going to be easy, there must be nests everywhere – boy was I wrong. We didnt see one all day long, I had everyone on the lookout.  We did spot a few nest boxes but that wasn’t quite what I wanted. Then we came across this old farm building in a clearing just off the woodland walk full of crows. Wow! So I was very happy to get these photo’s of a very large nest:



Long may this wonderful weather continue!  Somehow, I think I am wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.


  1. Now here's a little thing I heard on "The Archers" about forty years ago, on how to tell a crow from a rook.
    A Crow in a crowd is a Rook and a Rook on its own is a Crow.
    So I think what you have there is a Rookery - It's a darned good picture of them on the nest ~envy~

  2. Great photos, and glad you are getting out and enjoying the great weather.


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