Sep 12, 2010

Days 4 - 8 . . . Learn Something New Everyday


Well, slowly but surely my pages for this class are getting done. While I'm generally happy with the way my book is turning out, I will definitely be doing things differently next year. Preparation before the class starts is a top priority!  

So, that said, here are my next 4 days:

Day 4.   It's OK to delegate

Not something I am comfortable doing usually so this really was a lesson for me. I like to do things myself and be in control so to delegate my duties of looking after CoCo-Bean and her babies to Richard was a hard task. I had spent pretty much the last 3 weeks by CoCo-Beans side and was reluctant to leave for her for long periods. Having a family Baptism to attend meant I was going to be gone all day so Richard offered to step in. When I got home and found that CoCo-Bean and babies were all absolutely fine I realised my lesson for the day was that it's OK to delegate!

Day 5.  To bake in bulk and freeze

I love to bake. Now the kids have gone back to school and we are once again filling lunch boxes it was necessary for me the bake the usual weekly batch of buns. I dont like to freeze things - I dont know why I just never have. Any leftovers go straight into the bin or the dogs! Im the same with microwave ovens - just dont like them :(  

Recently I have been watching Rachel Allen on TV, I love her show. She freezes everything! So I thought I would take one of her tips and bake in bulk. So I spent the day baking various types of cakes and buns and filled the freezer so now I wont have to bake weekly leaving me more time to do something else :) 

Day 6. The spare keys are missing

We lost our car keys this morning. After spending the best part of half an hour looking for them we decided to use the spares and look for the main set  later. Went into the jar where the spare keys are kept and THEY'RE NOT THERE!!  The spare keys are missing too.  Eventually we did find the main set of keys but the Lord only knows where the spares are.

Day 7. I have no will-power when it comes to TKMaxx

I do love a good bargain and even better when it's a craft stash bargain. In town today while doing grocery shopping I went past TKMaxx. Now I know I dont have the budget to be spending on crafty stash this week so do drive on by ? No. I tell myself I will just have a look to see what they have in but I wont buy anything. Do I buy something ? Yes. Could not resist. Had to buy just one thing so I got a four pack of Thickers for £5.99. Bargain. 

Day 8. The difference between Mitosis and Meiosis

My eldest son gets home from school after having a great biology lesson. The first thing he says as he comes through the door - 'Do you know the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis ?'  I reply 'No' So he proceeds to tell me the difference between the two. My lesson for today. 

And just in case any of  you are wondering, Mitosis is how the cells of our body make more cells for growth, development and repair while Meiosis is how our body makes sex cell, or gametes (eggs or sperm). Interesting!

Thanks for bearing with me on the huge post. It feels good to be almost up to date with this.



  1. Nothing wrong with bulk baking Dee - I freeze everything and never have a problem with it. I always cook extra portions of everything and freeze the excess - very handy for when you are short of time or unwell or suddenly need cakes for an impromptu visitor.

    Loving the LSNED updates!

    K x

  2. I wish I had the willpower to bulkbake and I think I must have missed that biology lesson then!!! maybe that's how I ended up with 3 in less than 4 years :-O....


  3. Love the lesson learnt from your son I can just imagine the conversation

  4. Never thought of freezing cakes?!?!? Guess I'm learning along with you :o)

  5. I freeze a lot of stuff as I don't have time now to cook after work. I used to hate this, but slowly getting used to it! Thanks for letting me know about the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis! I think I've learnt something new today too! LOL


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