Sep 25, 2010

Well Hello . . . . .

Its been a while. My poor neglected blog :(   Life has been 'busy' to say the least and I have so much to blog about.  If I were to catch up with everything in this post Im sure it would go down on record as the longest blog post EVER!    

To start with I have a pup update to blog (very exciting update too :)  ), then the arrival of the chickens to blog about as they have been totally over shadowed by the pups and to top things off there are two 'other' additions to blog about.  Oh the suspense!

Thanks to an unknown virus that decided to pay us a visit this week I have been feeling totally wiped out. It did give me the excuse I needed though to stay in bed and watch back to back episodes of True Blood on DVD which was kindly lent to me by a sweet friend on UKScrappers. So Im back with a vengeance and raring to go . . . .   I'll start with the pup update tomorrow!



  1. Glad your feeling better, looking forward to the pup update. I have just seen season 3 True Blood and i love it, cannot beleive i now have to wait until June for season 4 :(

  2. Hope you are feeling better now Dee. I am enjoying seeing the rerun of season 2 of TB at the moment and can't wait for season 3 to begin as that norty Lisa keeps hinting about what has happened LOL!!!


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