Sep 12, 2010

Days 9 & 10 Learn Something New Everyday

Im nearly done with the back-log on this class. I know there is no set deadline but I really want to try to complete the class by doing a day or two at a time as I know if I leave it I probably wont get around to finishing the class at all.

Here are my next 2 days.

Day 9.  The importance of Brand and Colour when it comes to buying football boots

I realised today that when you are 12 there are some very important factors to consider when buying a new pair of football boots. Are they the right brand ?  Are they the current 'in fashion' colour ? A perfectly good pair of black football boots in the sale for £15 or the fashion statement must  have boot that every boy in school has to the tune of £30 ?  Oh decisions, decisions. Yes, buckled under to peer pressure and came home with £30 less in my purse and the right football boots much to the delight of my youngest son.

Day 10. Things are never actually as bad as they first seem

Have you ever been worried about a certain situation to the point that you keep putting something off. Today I faced things head on and realised that things are never actually as bad as they first seem.

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  1. Ooh now day 10 sounds very cryptic!

    but day 9! yeah, they always have to have the in thing!

    loads of love



  2. Fab pages Dee, day 10 is such a good saying, I need to remember it! :)


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