Sep 7, 2010

Pup Update - 11 Days old

I am very pleased to be able to update that No.8 is doing great. He is now officially known as Bruno (as in Frank Bruno) because is he definitely a little fighter. After 8 days of bottle feeding he gain weight and strength so we decided to try to get him to feed from CoCo-Bean as her milk would be so much better for him than the replacement milk. She excepted him back immediately with no fuss apart from a major cleaning session and it was lovely to see him feeding with her and his litter mates. Throughout the day we monitored his feeding to make sure he could compete with the other pups at feed times. He had no problems getting his fair share and it was amazing to think just a few days before he was so sick and weak.
We left him snuggled up in the pup-pile that night and Eugene went out to the kennel at around 3am to check on things and then I got up at 6am. Things are working out much better now and we are both getting some decent sleep again.

All the pups are doing great. Almost all of them have doubled their birth weights with just 2 of them an ounce or two off. Bruno being one of them, which is understandable, and a little girl who was No. 6 born.

In order for me to keep track of them all I have put embroidery thread collars on them in different colours as they all look so alike. They look so cute don't you think ? Bruno is the tiny one on the right with the blue collar. Pup No.6 is also quite tiny compared to her litter mates, she is laying across the top of Bruno's head wearing a Pink collar. The rest are pretty much even with regards to weight with the exception of the big guy who is first on the right.

Bruno snuggled up in the pup-pile

Miss Pink - up close

Coco-Bean and her brood - she is such a good mum. Notice the scratch marks on the kennel wall ? During her contractions CoCo-Bean used the wall as her way of dealing the pain.

Until the next update,


  1. They are just too cute for words and I was wondering how you could tell them all apart.

    Look forward to continued updates about Bruno and Miss Pink.

  2. I'm just going back over and over again each of the photos and keeping saying aawwwwwwww :) ... thank you so much for the updates - I'm loving them so much. What a good mum she is.

  3. Awww, don't they look gorgeous!?!? Glad to hear they're all doing well. Glad to hear you and Eugene are finally getting some decent sleep too!

  4. Well done to Coco-Bean, she has been such a good mum but the look on her face, not more photos! lol

    Great pics tho Dee and which ones are you keeping! lol xx


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