Sep 8, 2010

Day 1 - 3 of Learn Something New Everyday . . . .

Well I took the plunge at the last minute and signed-up for this class with Shimelle on wednesday. As if my september is not busy enough already. So I am now frantically playing catch-up as I had nothing planned or organised. I didn't even know exactly what format I was going to do my book. Anyhow, I've been working away at it today and I have managed to finish putting my book together and do my first three pages. I decided to use three paper bag mini albums that I had laying around. I stuck them together and then covered them with an outer cover to hold everything together.

This is how the book looks now:

And a side view:

I still don't have a set format although I did make some date stamps to keep it a bit uniform:

As for my pages, well they are coming together quite randomly, using up some old stash that I have had for a while and my new august ScrapaGoGo kit. I have been keeping notes each day since the 1st September so I have something to follow when I get round to doing my pages, but hopefully I will be up-to-date by this weekend and then I can do a page a day without stress!!

Here are the first 3 days:

Day 1.    I shouldn't leave things until the last minute it only causes me unnecessary stress!

Day 2.   It is a mistake to buy Secondary School Uniform 4 months in advance expecting the kids to grow over the summer!

I am doing my journalling on cards which I have inserted in the pockets of the paperbag album so I can record in more detail the story behind each 'lesson' I learn.

Day 3.  When I have no Internet access my life grinds to a halt
Sad but true! O2 cut-off our broadband signal all weekend and I didn't know what to do with myself
 . . .  lol  



  1. LOL - I can 100% identify with days 1 & 2 - why so the shops start stocking their uniform in June/July? I reckon that M&S have a cunning plan to part us from our money!
    Thankfully, I have not had to find out what day 3 is like, but I suspect I'd probably get a heck of a lot more done around the house if the internet went off!

  2. Love how you've put your album together....and 3 is definately sad, but true!!

  3. LOL - love no 2 such a funny photo and well when no 3 happens to me I actually get loads done each day. I waste too much of my life online LOL!!


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