Sep 26, 2010

Pup Update - 4 Weeks old

There has been so much change in the pups since the last update. Its amazing at how fast these guys are growing and developing. At 4 weeks old they have a full set of milk teeth, are fully weaned eating four meals per day and they love to play and chew.  They had their last feed from Coco-Bean 5 days ago and judging by this photo I think she is quite glad of that.

The pups are now eating semi-solid food and drinking plenty of water from the fountain.

Playtime is fun!

And after all the activity of feeding and playing its time for another nap.

Five of the pups have 'forever homes' to go to at the end of October, leaving just three of the boys to find homes now. Miss Yellow and Miss Rose are going to together to live in the beautiful countryside of Co Mayo and we finally made the decision this week to keep not 1, not 2, but 3 of the pups here with us!!!  I know, I must be crazy I hear you say and Yes, you would be right. I am crazy and I love it.  If we had the facilities to keep them all I would gladly.  Our kennel is big enough to comfortably house 5 fully grown Labradors and we have more than ample land for them to roam and exercise and not forgetting that one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland is just over a mile away from our house. So then the decision, Who do we keep ??

First choice was obvious for us all:

Mr Bruno
After all we have been through with him it was never an option to let him go. He continues to grow stronger and stronger and has almost caught up with two of his brothers in size and weight tipping the scales at 3lb 4 ounces.

Next up is Miss Pink now known as:

Miss Mia Pinkerton

Still very much the tiniest of the litter she is a special wee darling. Born weighing only 10 ounces she is now weighing in at a staggering . . . .  2lb 10 ounces!  She eats well and makes up for her small size with a full-size personality!  She also has a cute strip of white fur down her chest.

And finally, our No. 3 is Mr Red/Yellow now known as:

Mr Jackson
Jackson was and still is the largest of the litter weighing in at a hefty 5lb 1 ounce.  He looks so much like Max did as a puppy but with the darker coat colouring of his mum Coco-Bean.  You will always find him at the bottom of the pup-pile at nap time. Im sure the others enjoy snuggling up to him.

So, until the next update


  1. Dee, I'm really not surprised - If I were you, I'd want to keep them all too. Goodness, how I'd love to come and visit you now :) ....ok, slight fib, how I'd love to come and play LOL.

  2. Dee, what a lovely blog post. i love to read how the pups are doing and am so glad that you are able to keep three

  3. LOL, you made crazy woman! loving the latest news! and Mr Jackson?.... where did that come from, I bet it won't be long before you are calling him wacko jacko but he is gorgeous and I'll be sorting out the passport asap xxx well done on being a great human mummmy to a beautiful brood xxx

  4. I agree fully with Lisa - you crazy woman!!! But I can understand why you're keeping more than Bruno! They are all sooooooooooooo cute and gorgeous!

  5. Aww I just melted, love the pups Dee. So glad you have got to keep 3, they are all so lovely.

  6. Oh my they get cuter by the day! So glad you are getting to keep some, especially little Bruno! :)

  7. OMG! They are soooo cute!! I just want to bundle them up and give them one big hug!! Big wet sloppy kisses from my two furkids. :D

  8. OMG im sure they get cuter every week!!! Hurry with the next update and more cute pics x

  9. Awww bless I knew you would end up with one (how could you let Bruno go after all your hard work) and I thought Miss pink was winning you over but I didn't imagine you would keep 3. Shame you can't bring them with you in Feb.

    They are all so cute.

  10. All these pictures are so adorable - it just melts my heart! And you are so kind taking on more whilst all this is going on! I am sure Lola will come out of her shell and feel right at home before too long. I have loved catching up with the pups - not so long ago, they were tiny!


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