Jan 3, 2011

Photography Challenge 2011: 'A' is for . . . . .

Even though the weather has been very cold and it did eventually rain, I managed to get out and about for a bit today to start taking photos for my A-Z Challenge. With my darling husband playing chauffeur and a flask of coffee in hand I managed to get 4 photo's that Im happy with :

'A' Abandoned

'A' Accident Aftermath

'A' Adidas Hat
My model (my husband Eugene) was a little reluctant . . . lol x

'A' Aluminium Can

 'A' Atlantic Ocean
as seen from Malin Head, Co Donegal

So far so good, lets hope the enthusiasm lasts!!


  1. Oh Dee, these really are fabulous. You've pick some very good "A" images. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the alphabet

  2. Brilliant!!!!!

    Love that view!

    Karen x


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