Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year & Some Projects for 2011

Happy New Year!!   My only resolution for 2011 is to do more crafting and try to put a dent into the huge stash mountain that occupies my craftroom.

One way in which I hope to achieve this is by taking part in some ongoing projects. As its the start of the year there are so many projects / challenges starting and I've had fun reading up on as many of them as I could before I decided which ones I wanted to follow. I didn't want to take on too many at the same time because I know Im only setting myself up to fail miserably when I cant keep up with everything so I have chosen 4 year long projects:

I've wanted to have a go at Art Journalling for a while now, to try something new and spread my wings a bit so although this project is not specifically an 'art journal' Im going to attempt to follow the prompts and create an art journal of my year, my feelings, my achievements and my disappointments.

This is a double layout sketch challenge with a new sketch issued every month. Im going to use this project to create an album of our family life in 2011. I will use January's sketch as my title page for my album and then February's sketch will be used to document the January events and so on. At the end of the year I will go right back to the start and use the January sketch again to document my December events thus ending up with a complete album at the end of the year.

This challenge is being organised by Pam (wombat on UKS) and is just what I've been looking for to get me motivated to use my camera more. Every 2 weeks we are following a different letter of the alphabet and the challenge is to take photos of people, places, things or even techniques starting with that letter. I've yet to make a start on this although I do have a very willing model in my daughter Amy as my first 'A' and her twin 'Anthony' could be pursuaded with chocolate!

 This weekly project is being organised by Nettyb on UKS
The idea is to create 52 pieces of art using the prompt each week. Im undecided at the moment whether Im going to do ATC's or Tags. Ummm ???

While these 4 projects are going to keep me on my toes I am also hoping to follow the weekly colour inspiration from The Colour Room and Color Combo's Galore as well as some of the other challenge blogs listed in my sidebar and of course the weekly and House challenges on UKS. All in all I intend to be crafting more than ever in 2011!!


  1. I look forward to seeing how you get on Dee. I will continue doing one off challenges as they crop up - as much as I enjoyed Shimelles Scrap like you mean it in 2009 - I found it a big commitment doing a layout per week and frequently got behind. Maybe next year I will feel ready to get back into challenges again.

  2. I'll be joining you Dee with the 52Q :) well that's the plan LOL

  3. Good luck with all those projects Dee! They all sound pretty good. I can't wait to see how you get on with them.


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