Jan 19, 2011

Photography Challenge 2011: 'B' is for . . . . .

Although the weather lately has not been the best we did have a break in the clouds on Sunday afternoon so that I could go out and about and these are some shots that I took on my quest for things beginning with 'B'

B is for Boat & Buncrana
Taken at the pier in Buncrana

 'B' is for Barbed Wire
This fence lined the pathway down to the bay at Dunree

B is for Barracks, Bars & Broken Glass
These are the derelict barracks at Fort Dunree. I wanted to get as much of the barracks in as possible so took the photo at an angle. I like how it turned out and the fact that I got 3 B's in one go!

B is for Beams & Boards
The inside of the barracks made for an interesting photo too!

Its still early on in the 'B' fortnight so hopefully I can get a few more photographs taken.
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  1. Great photos Dee - are you going to be the official photographer at the Twilight weekend?

  2. Just had a thought - will it be c for cakes and chocolate by then???

    Karen x

  3. Your photos are really good, I love the beams


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