Jan 18, 2011

Take 2 . . .

Tesco Value jotter pads (30p each) tear off the front covers so you are left with two pads each with a cardboard backing. Stick the two pads together facing each other so that you now have a cardboard cover front and back.

From your stash mountain (Im sure you have one!!) use up some scraps of paper to decorate. The result - a cute note pad which can sit happily on my desk to keep notes of the photograph's I want to take and record those that I have taken already for the A-Z Challenge!

Took me all of 10 minutes to alter this and most of that time was sorting 
out which scraps of paper to use!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Beautiful Dee :) ... what a great idea, and that's amazing value. I see a visit to Tesco's in my future.

  2. Holy crow Dee, I haven't had time to view blogs for a few days and you have been so busy!! What a clever idea, I love notepads and am always buying these but have never thought of doing that! :)

  3. Great idea Dee - I am always in need of a notepad for making lists

    Suzy xx


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