May 11, 2011

A little bit creative and a lot less participation

Pretty much sums up things of late. I have a LO finished that has been sitting on my desk for a good few days now – its finished but Im not thrilled with how it turned out. In fact I dont like it much at all. Well why keep it then ? I hear you ask. Well, I did consider binning it but then decided to keep it to remind me that its a bad idea to scrapbook when you are really not in the mood. This LO was part of a challenge set by one of my teamies in the Ric Rak Ravers. The first part was an embellishment swap the second part was to use only those embellishments and a sketch to produce a LO. Although there was no time limit set to complete this challenge I really felt that I needed to get it done as everyone else had theirs finished – result = a LO Im not thrilled about. It wasnt the sketch or the lovely embellies either it was just a complete lack of enthusiasm.  My MOJO is taking a break right now but I hope it will resume normal service as soon as possible!

BTW – the word ‘stone’ in the LO is supposed to look all broken up. I used rub-ons as whenever I use them they always break up like this, no matter the quality or the brand, I have never successfully used rub-ons, the only difference this time being that this is the exact effect I wanted to achieve, I wanted the title to reflect the pebbles in the photo.


So thats my little bit of creativity but what about the other part of the title of this post – a lot less participation ?  I am referring to my lack of participation in the on going projects I started at the beginning of the year, namely 52Q, A-Z Photography Challenge, Life & Me and Project 12.  I think a fresh look at these projects is needed in order for me to move forward with the things I do want to continue so here’s where Im at :

52Q – after the first 8 or 9 weeks of this it became obvious to me that I was not being inspired by this.  Each week it became more tiresome to actually complete my tag, the questions seemed ‘silly’ to me at times and I developed the opinion that it was a waste of my time, hence I have stopped taking part.

A- Z Photography Challenge – Im still inspired by this I have just fallen behind a little due to ‘real life’ getting in the way. I intend to pick up where I left off and get back in the game.

Life & Me – this project interested me as I wanted to have a dabble at art journalling. I’ve dabbled and have not really enjoyed it so maybe its not for me. I am keeping track of the topics and techniques though as maybe one day I’ll pick up where I left off.

Project 12 – Im definitely still in the game with this just a bit behind. I have photo’s sorted and journaling notes kept I just need time and MOJO to put the LO’s together.I have February’s LO all done apart from the journaling so I can start work on the March LO shortly.

There, I feel better for getting that out there!  Boy can I ramble on – mind you its good to vent right ? Now maybe I can actually get on and do something worth while with my creative time.

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  1. Sorry to hear your mojo has taken a hike. Hope it comes back soon! I do like the LO, and the effect of the broken rub-on letters is great! Hope you can catch up with your projects soon.


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