May 25, 2011

WOYWW #103

Good Morning Bloggers!!!  Happy Wednesday.  I hope the weather is much better where you guys are because right now here in Co Donegal the weather is awful – wet and very windy, not the kind of weather we should be having at this time of year, but hey! Mother Nature always does her own thing.

So on my desk this morning is this lot:


Looks quite boring I know but trust me there are WIP’s here that ARE to be finished this week.

These 2 WIP’s will be finished today (she says convincingly) One is a mini album that I made almost 2 years ago but never finished. I have photo’s printed out ready to go in this and then I share it with you all tomorrow. The other WIP is in the form of the 2 photo’s and some instructions. These are for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers.


These fabulous books are my latest purchase and I have only managed to flick through quickly for a peep but they are great so hopefully I will have lots of flowers and motifs made very soon to use on my LO’s and cards (she says even more convincingly!)


So there you have it, my space this wednesday morning !

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I feel sure that blogger is still eating comments - I cannot believe that I am your first visitor today. Hopefully, you will get to read this. You have some lovely things to show us, and I hope you do get to finish your projects today. I look forward to seeing your completed album. You have inspired me to look again at crochet and in a different way. I had never thought about combining card making and crochet - yet another thing to try out.

  2. Yep . . .you're right . . . we DO have the same desk . . . although yours is looking neater than mine! I like neat!

    Hugs, Sandra (50)

  3. great desk, enjoy your books - never turned my hand to crochet.

  4. Hello Dee, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Blogger is still acting up so I'll be signing in with my url instead of my google account - that's just not working. Your mini album looks very nice indeed and those crochet books are very nice - somehow crocheting small items such as flowers and motifs does not seem as overwhelming as a blanket :) I can recommend the bleaching technique - the effect is really good. Elizabeth x @53

  5. Mmmm I like the look of those books, i may have to investigate! I love to see a busy desk - thanks for sharing

  6. I'm liking the look very much of that mini book :)

  7. I'd love to get a peek inside those books - I've been considering doing a few crocheted flowers for my cards.

    Hope you have a Happy WOYWW!
    Sheena #66

  8. It's lovely to see crochet making a come back, something I've not done since 19** Hope you show what you do soon.
    Kathleen x

  9. Very nice and neat desk. Looks like you have a lot of fun things there to keep you busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  10. Thanks for visiting! Now that blogger is playing nice I can revisit people. :) Love the mini!

  11. Ooh you've got a lot planned -it's Friday now - I wonder what you've finished. 2 Year old book - crikey, has your style changed? Interesting, that. Hmmm. Love the crochet books...I think my affair with the hook is over for now!!


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